Thursday, September 27, 2012

a little behind....

of course... NOT mine!
boy... I didn't realize I was soooooooo far behind on my posts.  not like i've been busy or anything,  just lazy about doing it.  i will try to repent and get caught up before the year is gone.  so to keep things in order, most of the posts are going to be back dated to the time things really happened.  [just is case you were following my blog].

Friday, June 15, 2012

kids, and what they come up with....

this is ryker, and oh what a character he is!
as you can see, he has a broken arm.  he is 4 and this is the 2nd time this same arm has been broken.
last week i drove with tiff and the kids to california.  on the way home we stopped in vegas at the silverton casino for some dinner and so the kids could see the live mermaid.  while we were sitting at the table waiting for our shakes and fries, ryker looked at me from across the table with this real serious look on his face, and out of the blue he asked me,  "gramma... why would you ever want to marry such an old man?"

Thursday, May 31, 2012

wonderful memorial day...

memorial day weekend is always fun for don and i, because we get to go down and enjoy time with the family in fairview.  this year was no different.  we had taken our new trailer down and set it up the week before.  and, as in years past, the weather was anything but perfect!  we spent a lot of time in the trailer, playing games, coloring and watching flicks.
cheyne and rachel, trying to keep warm
jack and jeff, enjoying the movie
isley and ryker
what we watched for 2 days... not the car, the snow
it was an exciting weekend for all of us, because we are adding a new member to our family!
cheyne proposed to rachel while playing headbandz.  she had no idea what the card she was holding said.
kamryn and kendyl could hardly keep it in, because of course now they both can read!  and they almost gave it away.

rachel and cheyne playing headbandz.  best part of the whole weekend!
rachel, wondering WHAT just happened
 finally the weather broke and we were able to enjoy the outdoors.
chester fixing diner under the awning

ryker, with his newly broken arm


 and of course we had to go on a fourwheeler ride

briggs and ryker at 'look out point'

the kids playing in 'birch creek'
it was freezing cold!
taking it easy
siona enjoyed the ride
kendyl and briggs
looks like briggs enjoyed the ride, too!

we had a great weekend!  too bad they go by so fast! 
well, here's to many more down on the skyline! 
happy day ;-)!

Monday, May 28, 2012

fairview... here we come!

yes!  this is just what i've been waiting for!  our first trip to fairview for the year.
the week before memorial day weekend.  we got to take our new trailer down on the skyline for the first time.
chet and tiff brought their trailer down, too.  this is what happened to them on the way down!  not too much of that tire left, chester!
it wasn't too awfully warm down there, yet, either

don and ryker went and filled the water trailer 


ryker painting rocks

kj painting rocks, too.  great entertainment!

briggsy eating in gramma's trailer
briggs thought he was the cats meowww sitting in his chair.

kj and ryker got to sleep with grandpa and gramma in the new trailer.
ryker standing in front of the fireplace with his newly broken arm that wasn't even casted yet.

chet, playing with the kiddos.
after we had everything all cleaned, locked and ready to go... not going to happen! 
chet had to walk down the road till he found someone to come and jump us.  don had already gone, because he had to go back to work, so he was no help!
entertaining the kids while we were waiting for chet
can you see the mischief in ryker's expression?
briggs thought it was great fun to go up and down the steps to the fire pit.

briggs examining a leaf.  don't you love the look on his face!

he also learned how to put crackers between his toes.  i wonder who taught him that trick?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

out with the old and...

the past few years, we've thought a lot about building a cabin down on our lot in fairview.  we've even taken trips down south to look at different cabin plans, but when it came right down to it, we decided that we would just trade in the old trailer for a newer one that we could enjoy, not just down in fairview, but camping other places, too.  so here is a brief view of the newer trailer (note that it is january 2013 as of now and these pictures were from last summer). don't know why, but i never got a picture of the fireplace.  yes!  it has a fireplace and i love, love, love it!

look at that bathroom sink... pretty fancy, huh.  (my newly engaged dil was afraid to use it, because she didn't want to get it dirty :-) )

anyway, congrats to us on our "new" cabin!

Friday, May 25, 2012

b.y.u. women's conference

jacki, virginia, and marci
this year, my sisters and i were able to be volunteers at the b.y.u. women's conference.  we helped with making and helping others make, some remembrance bags.  these bags were to give to parents who's babies passed away in the hospital, to put all of their little clothes and treasures in.  we volunteered in the mornings and then "tried" to attend classes in the afternoon.  it was hard to get into the classes we wanted to attend, because they were so popular, and one of the afternoons, we walked all the way down to the end of the campus to hear mary ellen redmonds and they were packed and not letting anyone else in, so we just continued walking... right down to the brick oven, and had ourselves a little drink.  the very best part of the whole thing... was being able to share with my sisters, whom i love dearly!

Friday, April 27, 2012

donnie's turkey hunt

don't know much about this hunt, cuz i wern't there!  but here are a few of the 1,000s of pictures they came home with.  rumour has it... that he shot it from 140 plus yards with his shot gun.
mack daddy with his turkey
ryker and grandpa don

ryker with grandpa's turkey

cheyner, carrying it back to the truck
good job donnie!